Team Alignment

There is a Better Way.

When teams are aligned they pull together toward a common goal.
When teams are aligned they accomplish more than anyone thought possible!

Team Alignment is needed when…

A team is missing deadlines and commitments

A team is in conflict

A team is being newly formed

A team has a new challenge that must be met

A team is experiencing high absenteeism or turnover

A team is being re-organized

A team is not as productive as it once was

A team is experiencing a low level of trust

A team has a new leader

A team is highly interdependent with other teams
A team has several new team members

A team is transitioning to a new phase of a project

For 25 years, we’ve been helping teams pull together to produce extraordinary results.  

“By working with Sally, we reached clarity of objectives, clarity of issues facing our project team, and a solid and practical path forward to leverage the positive outcomes from the alignment sessions; all founded upon data and reality.”

Every project that Sally and her Paragon Team have helped with have been successes.  Our project Teams are very diverse within our Owner Team organizations and have been challenging to pull together into Alignment. Sally has provided tremendous help in making the project Team Cultures to be highly collaborative with all Team members demonstrating Trust and Respect.

There is no group hug stuff with Sally; but rather a laser-like focus on project needs. Sally deals with the things that are important to project effectiveness - goals, accountabilities, measurements and the moose on the table (big issues).”