Team Focus & Direction

Unfocused teams don’t stand a chance.

Only teams with focus and a clear direction deliver outstanding results.
Focused teams don't just head down the right path; they are way ahead of the pack! 

Teams must have clear answers to these critical questions:  



Core Values

Why do we exist?

Where are we headed?

What do we stand for?


Goals & Objectives

What must we achieve?

How will we get there?

Our Team Focus & Direction process builds unified and engaged teams equipped to make better decisions, work productively and deliver outstanding results. 

Sally’s upbeat personality and genuine charisma is immediately evident.  I knew that our group would feed off her positive energy and engage with her easily.


Paragon was able to step in and quickly assess several issues affecting our team’s organizational effectiveness.  The group consisted of a large and diverse leadership team, and Paragon was able to handle this group with aplomb and efficacy, and steered us toward positive group dynamics. 

"I really appreciate that Sally is a skilled leader who does not rely on a cookie cutter approach to working with organizations. She tunes into specifics of the organization's culture, needs and desired outcomes."