Team Excellence Health Check

Let's face it. All teams have issues.

Issues cause teams to lose focus. Issues prevent teams from delivering results.
So, why let issues put the success of your team at risk, when the issues can be identified and resolved instead?​ 

Team Excellence Health Check

Our Team Excellence Health Check identifies the issues putting YOUR team at risk! 

The Paragon Team Excellence Health Check is your path to:

Clearly Defining  Your Project Goals & Success Strategies

Building a Cohesive Team that Collaborates for Optimal Results

Identifying How Your Project’s Essential Processes can be Enhanced

Establishing a Rewarding Culture Built on Trust & Accountability

Paragon Team Excellence Framework

Team Excellence Scorecard

Our Team Health Check measures your team's performance against the 12 Essentials of Team Excellence.

Our Team Excellence Scorecard conveys the results of the Team Excellence Health Check and clearly shows you where the team is thriving and where the team is at risk. 
“We achieved a step change improvement in communication with employees. With the Paragon Team Excellence Scorecard, we received confirmation of issues that were hindering us from achieving our best potential."

 “Several project team members had worked with Sally on other projects. Her Team Excellence process proved to be very effective at identifying a variety of barriers within the project team. Her non-threating yet tenacious probing into the team dynamics was just what we felt we needed.”

The Team InSight results were very valuable as they allowed the project team to understand and address our specific project issues.  Alignment sessions were energizing for the project team with a good mix of interactive work and instruction.