We Build Teams That Deliver Outstanding Results.

Within every team is the ability and untapped potential to do great things.
Our passion is unlocking that potential.

Sally Love
President & Founder

From the time Sally was just six years old her blood ran orange – Clemson orange.  It was no surprise then that she readily passed up voice and music scholarships at other colleges and headed off to become a Clemson Tiger instead.  What might have been a surprise though was Sally’s choice of study… Electrical Engineering. And because of engineering, Sally found her passion.  TEAMS.  And especially teams involved in CAPITAL PROJECTS.

For the past 35 years, Sally has been leading, organizing and helping teams achieve results. Extraordinary results.  Results on complex capital projects.  Results in challenging situations.  Results in diverse cultures. Results where time, money, quality and safety matter.
Early in her career, while working as a control systems engineer on a major industrial project, the Owner recognized Sally’s ability to “translate” communication between engineers and operators in stressful circumstances.  So Sally was assigned the role of “technical liaison” -getting the engineers designing the facility and the operators who would later be operating the facility to communicate and collaborate for a smooth and successful facility commissioning and start-up.
Later, after wrapping up a project, as an Engineering Project Manager, Sally was asked to transform three disparate Information Technology groups into one productive and value-adding team. It was a huge challenge; one that most people in the company didn’t believe was possible.  Not only did Sally successfully complete this transformation effort; she also earned an MBA at the same time.  The focus of Sally’s MBA electives was not finance.  It was not marketing.  And it certainly was not accounting.  Her emphasis was TEAMS, ORGANIZATIONS and LEADERSHIP.


Since starting Paragon Worldwide in 1992, Sally has become well known for her leadership in helping teams produce extraordinary results.  Because of her engineering and project management background, Sally understands what is essential for project success.  She knows first-hand what is important and the inherent challenges of matrixed organizations.  And she has a proven track record of breaking down barriers, building trust and fostering collaboration among large and small companies and internal and external stakeholders.
Sally has worked with culturally diverse teams in North America, Europe, South America and Asia. She has moderated prestigious ENR national events and industry specific CEO panels.  She has created project management programs, supervision programs and corporate universities. She has invested in young engineers just starting their career and coached seasoned project managers who share her passion for complex capital projects.  Sally is positive and optimistic and admired for her ability to bring out the best in people and teams.
Sally serves as a ministry board member, advisor and volunteer.  She golfs, kayaks and pumps iron.  And nobody cheers more than Sally at her grandsons’ baseball games…or for the Clemson Tigers!

Jodi King
Consulting Partner

Jodi King is a Consulting Partner for Paragon Worldwide, and has contributed to multi-billion dollar Capital Programs in the Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Power, Retail Development, Forest Products and Construction industries.

Jodi directs all aspects of Paragon’s comprehensive and proprietary Team Elevation MAP, used to measure and analyze Stakeholder and Team Member Performance in Fortune 500 companies and on Major Capital Projects.

With 17 years of experience, Jodi consistently uses her analytical, creative thinking, and problem solving abilities to help Paragon clients achieve breakthrough results. Jodi has demonstrated proficiency in the design and implementation of a variety of executive-level training materials, in the development of research tools and in creative methods for helping organizations overcome barriers and produce substantial results.

In addition to her responsibilities on consulting assignments, Jodi manages the marketing and business administration functions within Paragon. Jodi is a native of Iowa and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Northern Iowa.

When she's not working, you will most likely find her at a baseball field where many cherished memories are made watching her two boys play baseball.  On the off chance she's not at a baseball field she may be out on the lake kayaking or hiking at one of the many beautiful state parks in the Upstate of South Carolina.
Jodi also loves serving the youth at her church and looks forward to hanging out with a bunch of fun and talented young adults!